Sungazing Process:

HRM experimented on his own body for three years and devised this method based on trial and error. This can be accomplished by anyone in any part of the world at any time of the year. HRM is not a unique figure and anyone can do this. Now thousands are using this method of sungazing are achieving results. In Brazil, Australia, Germany, more than 3000 people are subsisting on light. This is a rebirth of a science that was practiced long time ago. Originally this was a spiritual practice in the ancient times and now it is becoming a scientific practice, which can be followed by anyone as described below. Day by day this practice of sungazing is becoming popular and has become known as the HRM Phenomena.

Safe Sungazing Practice:

Sungazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime usually for a period of 9 months. You can break up the practice in three phases. 0 to 3 months, 3-6 months and 6- 9 months. You have to walk barefoot for 45 minutes for the rest of your life. Food makes us commit the maximum pain to others and exploit others. The practice entails looking at the rising or setting sun one time per day only during the safe hours. No harm will come to your eyes during the morning and evening safe hours. The safe hours are anytime within 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset. It is scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays exposure, which is harmful to your eyes. To determine the timings of sunrise or sunset, you can check the local newspaper, which also lists the UV Index as 0 during these times. Both times are good for practice – it depends on individual’s convenience. Sun gazing also has the added advantage of getting vitamin A and D during the 1-hour safe period window. Vitamin A is necessary for the health of the eye, the only vitamin that the eye requires. If you sungaze, the spectacles and the associated power in the eye will go away and this will provide better eyesight without glasses.

For those who cannot initially sungaze during the safe periods, sunbathing is an effective method for receiving the sun energy at a slower pace until one is able to sungazeBest times to take sunbath is when the UV index is lower 2 or below. This usually occurs within the 2-hour window after sunrise or before sunset. Sun bathing during the day is to be avoided, except for during the winter months, when the UV index usually remains at 2 all throughout which is safe for sunbathing. Check your local newspaper to see the published results for UV Index to be sure. Also do not use sunscreen. When body gets heated up you perspire and sweat is a waste product and needs to go out of the body. When you are painted or coated with lotions and creams — they get degenerated and the chemicals enter your body. It is our malpractice -our wrong use- why we blame the sun for skin cancers.

Sungazing: 0 – 3 months.

First day, during the safe hours, sungaze for a maximum of 10 seconds. Second day sungaze for 20 seconds at the rising sun adding ten seconds every succeeding day. So at the end of 10 continuous days of sungazing you will be looking at the sun for 100 seconds i.e. 1 minute and 40 seconds. Stand on bare earth with bare foot. Eyes can blink and/or flicker. Stillness or steadiness of the eyes is not required. Do not wear any lenses or glasses while sungazing.

Why don’t you watch the sun instead of the TV? The intensity of the TV is much more than the rising or setting of the sun. If you can watch TV at close ranges for extended periods of time, you can easily watch the rising or setting sun safely. Have a belief that the sunrays or lights that you are getting into your eyes are of immense benefit and will not harm you. This will give you earlier, quicker and better results. Even without a belief component also you will get the results provided that you follow the practice, however, it will take longer time. On the other hand, you need not restrict any of your normal daily routines to sungaze. There are no restrictions. You can enjoy your food while applying this practice. Hunger will disappear eventually by itself.

You may consider sungazing from the same place at the same time daily. Following circadian patterns has its advantages. If you pray, you can have any prayer of your choice. No particular one is suggested and it is not a requirement. As a precaution, have your eyes examined by a doctor. This is to err on the side of caution from a scientific standpoint. Also, you should have periodic check ups. Additionally, you can buy photo sun-cards to monitor UV and IR radiation, which are priced at about $2. (when cards are kept in the sunlight). There is no need to buy an expensive $500 photosensometer. If your cheeks get heated up then stop gazing. Use common sense.

When you reach three months you will have gazed at the sun 15 minutes at a stretch. If you can watch TV for 3 hours, surely you can see the sun for that long. What is happening as you go up to 15 minutes? The sun energy or the sunrays passing through the human eye are charging the hypothalamus tract, which is the pathway behind the retina leading to the human brain. As the brain receives the power supply through this pathway, it is activated into a brainutor. One of the software programs inherent in the brain will start running and we will begin to realize the changes since we will have no mental tension or worries. Besides, we will have the self-confidence to face life problems by means of developing a positive mind set instead of a negative one. Moreover, we will become fearless since our psychosis will have disappeared so will have all the ills of the mind. This is the first phase of the method and lasts around 3 months.

Humans have good and bad qualities, which are 2 sides of the same coin. In the absence of the sunlight we develop bad qualities. When sunlight enters the brain, good qualities come into appearance replacing bad ones. Eventually, even spiritual ignorance goes away. Sometimes, you get confused from what you hear and read. You get contradictory information such as red wine is good for you and alcohol is bad for you. You are baffled with life’s problems and detest decision-making. But after 3 months of sun gazing, you develop a sense of confidence and know the answers for yourself spiritually. There is a balance of the mind, where you are in a position to judge personal answers – the correct answers. You develop powers that are already inherent in you. Bad qualities disappear, anger, greed, jealousy leave you. You become a lovable creature. Everybody likes you. You will do no wrong. If you are positive or fearless, you will not harm anybody nor pain anybody. You will become a compassionate person. This is a great contribution to world peace. A positive approach creates solutions to problems and waste in society. There will be no need for environmental engineers. We won’t throw waste, as there is no away. By 3.5 months everything changes.

Besides, mental depression will go away. Psychiatrists are observing that sadness is caused by lack of sunlight. With the practice of sungazing you will not have depression in your whole lifetime. You will achieve a perfect balance of mind. Fear of death will go away. The state of mind is such that you will welcome death. What is to happen, you will be able to let it happen. There will be no worries. Everyone has some sort of mental disorder, which is the biggest human problem, which can be removed by the proper use of sunlight.

Sungazing: 3 – 6 months. 

Next, Physical diseases will start being cured. 70 to 80% of the energy synthesized from food is taken by the brain and is used up in fueling tensions and worries. With a lack of mental tension, brain does not require the same amount of energy as before. As you proceed in sun gazing and as your tensions decrease the need for food intake will go down.

When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously sungazing, you will slowly be liberated from physical disease since by then all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain through the eye. Brain regulates the flow of color prana appropriately to the respective organs. All the internal organs get ample supply of the required color prana. The vital organs are dependent on certain sun color prana. Kidney red, Heart yellow, Liver green etc. Colors reach the organs and address any deficiencies. This is how color therapies work… Reiki and Pranic Healing. There is a lot of information available on color therapy. This is the process of getting liberated from physical ailments over a six-month period. After 3-4 months you can become cured of your physical ailments with autosuggestion, which is imagining and visualizing healing your ailments while he sungazing. Scientific methods such as the Solariums, crystals, color bottles, natural stones, gems, all utilize sun energy, which is stored in these natural stones. You can keep natural color stones in drinking water to further hasten healing.

In solariums there is usually a platform at the height of 100 feet where each of the 7 glass cabinets is constructed for each of the VIBGYOR colors. This platform revolves around the sun whole day and according to the nature of the disease diagnosed, the patient is placed in the appropriate color for healing. Similarly, glass drinking water bottles with different colors are kept in sun for 8 hours. The water gets solarized and water develops medicinal value and is used to treat different diseases.

Photosynthesis, which we misunderstand, does not in fact need chlorophyll. Only the plant kingdom needs chlorophyll. Human body can do it with a different medium. Photosynthesis is transforming the sun energy into a usable energy format. This is how Photovoltaic cells work and electricity is produced, similarly water is heated, food is cooked in solar cooker, and solar batteries run automobiles.

Eyes receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight while sungazing, which is distributed to the different parts of the body by the brain on a need per basis. As a result, you are cured from all diseases. A 3rd intermediate medium is avoided. As you continue sungazing, energy is no longer being used up for mental impairments or physical ailments; thus its storage level increases in your body. You are your own master within 6 months.

Sungazing: 6 – 9months.

After 6-months of sungazing you will start to have the original form of micro food, which is our sun. Additionally, this can avoid the toxic waste that you take into your body while you eat regular food.

7.5 months and 35 min of sungazing is when hunger starts going down palpably. Need for food intake decreases. No one needs to eat more than his or her hunger levels. Hunger comes because of energy requirements of the body, which is a must for its existence. Food is not a necessity for the body to function, only energy is. Conventionally, you are indirectly getting the sun energy while eating food, which is a by-product of sun energy. If there is no sunlight, no food will grow.

Therefore, as you consume the original form of food by sungazing, hunger goes down starting to disappear eventually. By eight months, you should see hunger almost gone. For a dull or weak student or with no belief, this time period may be 9 months or 44 minutes. After that time, hunger disappears forever. All mechanisms associated with hunger like aroma, cravings, and hunger pangs also disappear. Moreover, energy levels are at a higher level. There is a judgment (having had this experience) that the brain is well activated with the sun energy. Well done, you have become a solar cooker.

Sungazing after 9 Months:

After nine months or when you reach to a 44 minutes level, you should give up sungazing since solar science prohibits further gazing for the sake of eye care. The body will get discharged when you stop practicing, which has to be recharged. Now you have to start walking on bare foot on bare earth for 45 minutes daily for a total of 6 days. Relaxed walking only. No need to walk briskly, jog or run. Any convenient time of the day is all right, however it is preferred to do that when the earth is warmer and the sunlight is falling on your body. When you walk bare foot, an important gland in the brain’s center called the pineal gland or the third eye is activated. The big toe of the foot represents this gland. 25 years ago it was considered a useless gland. Now it has become an important gland for study and up to now, about 18,000 papers have been published about it. It has always been known as the Seat of the soul. The Pineal gland has optic nerve endings. The remaining four toes represent glands too — pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala. Amygdala for the last 2 years has been gaining importance in medical research. It’s a nucleus of the sun or cosmic energy and plays an important role in the photosynthesis via the sunlight reaching the brain through the eye. When you walk bare foot, your body weight stimulates all these 5 glands through your toes. This is strengthened by the earth heat/energy and the sun prana falling on the head or the crown chakra. The chakras are not in the spinal cord that is an imaginary location; they are definitely in the brain. All these create a magnetic field and the body/brain recharges with the energy of the sun entering in you. Relax. Walk 45 minutes for one year and food continues to be away from you. After one year of recharging, if you are satisfied with your progress you can give up barefoot walking. Few minutes of sun energy falling on you once in 3-4 days will be enough from then on.

But if you want the immune system to strengthen, then keep on the bare foot walking. Also if you want memory power or intelligence to increase, continue the walking practice. As you increase the sun’s heat on your feet the brain will activate more and more, which will result in the more activity of the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland has certain psychic and navigational functions. Navigational means one can fly like the birds. You can develop psychic skills of telepathy and have your body at different places simultaneously. Science has validated human psychic functions and medical experiments are being done to ascertain this. Different body parts and its organs get purified once you stop eating due to detoxification. The different internal organs play different mechanical parts for the purposes of space travel and flight. There is another utility value (other than food digestion) for the internal organs. All the glands have a lot of functions and can perform at optimal level via sun energy. If you are fortunate to activate the brain optimally you surely will reach enlightenment. You can read past, present, and future. This method can be safely applied to control obesity. Almost all problems get solved.

Historically, a lot of people have remained without food. Accordingly in 1922, the Imperial Medical College in London decreed that solar rayswere the ideal food for humans. However, no one has mentioned what their technique was– For e.g. Yogananda in his book ’autobiography of yogi’ interviewed many saints and mystics to find out the secret of their lack of eating food. The common reply was that the sun energy entered through a secret door and reached the medulla oblongata in the brain. They did not divulge their secret. This knowledge was lost to common folk at the time.

Mike Adams – Repost

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tale

Samma sak gäller givetvis i regimen Sverige, endast uniformerna skiljer sig åt.


(NaturalNews) After witnessing how Reuters just blatantly cooked the presidential election polls this week to favor Clinton and how the mainstream media is so terrifyingly biased in favor of Clinton that the very foundation of democracy is now in crisis, it’s time to tell you something that perhaps a lot more people are finally ready to hear:


Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business. ”America is a lost country,” explains Paul Craig Roberts. ”The total corruption of every public and the private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies.”

CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press are all now shameless promoters of every big lie across every sector of society, from vaccines and GMOs to elections and politics. The federal government itself is incapable of doing anything other than lying, and it has totally corrupted the entire realm of science by pulling the strings of funding via the National Institutes of Health and the NSF.

The FDA is entirely corrupt, as is the USDA. Both function now as little more than marketing propaganda pushers for Big Pharma and Big Biotech. Similarly, Google, Facebook and Twitter are all rigged, too, censoring the voices they don’t want anyone to hear while highlighting the establishment lies they wish to promote.

Here’s what ”rigged” really means… the tools of tyranny

When I say ”everything is rigged,” what does that mean, exactly?

• All ”official sources” are ordered to constantly lie about everything, weaving illusions to push a chosen narrative rooted in fiction (from ”there are no Islamic terrorists” to ”carbon dioxide is poison to the planet”).

• All voices of reason and sanity are silenced. Only the most insane, irrational voices are allowed to be magnified through any media (including social media). This is also true across the sciences, where real science has been all but snuffed out by political agendas (biosludge, GMOs, glyphosate, mercury in dentistry, etc.).

• All facts are obliterated by propaganda. Facts have no place in any debate, and those who invoke facts are shamed and silenced (or even fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools or bullied into a state of suicide on social media). Anyone who invokes facts on things like the actual statistics of police shootings is told they are ”part of the problem” because they have the ”wrong attitude” about social justice.

• Every branch of government is weaponized against the people and used as an assault tool against political enemies who threaten the status quo. (IRS, FDA, FTC, DEA, EPA, USDA, etc.)

• All science is distorted into absurd, politically-motivated conclusions about everything the government wants to use to control the masses: Vaccines, climate change, GMOs, fluoride, flu shots, chemical agriculture, carbon dioxide and so on.

• Every branch of medicine is hijacked by globalist agendas to make sure medicine never makes anyone healthier, more alert or more cognitively capable of thinking for themselves.

• Every ”news item” that’s reported from any official source is deliberately distorted to the point of insanity, turning many facts on their heads while attacking anyone who might offer something truly constructive to the world. (Such as reporting that Clinton was ”cleared” by the FBI when, in fact, she was indicted by the very facts the FBI presented!)

• All voices of truth are silenced, then replaced by meaningless, distracting babble (Kardashians) or meaningless, tribal sports competitions (the Rio Olympics). The point is to dumb down the entire population to the point of cultural lunacy.

• Any true reports that contradict any official narrative are immediately censored. For example, radio host Michael Savage just got blocked by Facebook for posting a true story about an illegal alien who committed murder in America.

• Emotions are used as weapons to manipulate the masses. For example, when the mom of a Benghazi victim shares her grief with the world, she is ridiculed and shamed. But when a radical Muslim father who’s trying to bring Sharia Law to America attacks Trump by expressing his loss of his soldier son, the media turns him into an instant celebrity, praising his ”courageous voice” for daring to speak out. The media hypocrisy is enough to make you vomit…

What exactly is rigged?

• The entire mainstream media
• Google search engine and Google News
• Facebook and Twitter
• The DNC and the RNC (both 100% rigged by globalists)
• Every federal agency (EPA, FDA, etc.)
• The entire justice system (makes a total farce of real justice)
• Interest rates and the value of the money supply (central banksters)
• Academia (all public universities)
• EPA’s ”safe” limits on pesticides (all rigged by Big Biotech)
• Food and food labeling (all run by corrupt food companies)
• Public education (rigged into Common Core anti-knowledge idiocy)
• Banking and finance (all controlled by globalists)
• Government economics figures and statistics
• Medicine and pharmaceuticals (rigged to maximize profits)
• Big Science (totally rigged by government agenda pushers)
• The music industry (most top singers can’t sing at all)
• Weapons manufacturers and war corporations
• The illegal drug trade (it’s run by the government)
• Political elections (all 100% rigged at the federal level)
• Political polls (now rigged by Reuters, too)
• The health insurance industry (rigged by Obamacare)
• College admissions (legally discriminates against Whites and Asians)
• 9/11 and domestic terrorism (all rigged ”official stories”)
• Oil and energy industries
• The rule of law (rigged in favor of the rich and powerful)
• Infectious disease and the CDC (a constant stream of lies)
• Hollywood (all run by globalists)
• Climate change science (all a grand science hoax)
• Press release services (they only allow official narratives)
• History (what you are taught is mostly a lie)
• Government grants (only given out to those who further the agenda)
• Government bids (only awarded to those who kick back funds to corrupt officials)
• Consciousness and free will (we are all taught consciousness doesn’t exist)
• Ethnobotany (medicinal and spiritual use of healing plants)
• Life on other plants (the obvious truth is kept from us all)
• The origin of the universe (the official narrative is a laughable fairy tale)

As a fantastic example of how everything is rigged, consider these paragraphs from this news story published today:

Over the weekend and for the past few days since Khan spoke alongside his wife Ghazala Khan about their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, media-wide reporters, editors, producers, and anchors have tried to lay criticism on Trump over the matter. They thought they had a good one, a specific line of attack that pitted Trump against the military—and supposedly showed him as a big meanie racist in the process.

But, as Breitbart News showed on Monday midday, that clearly was not the case. Khizr Khan has all sorts of financial, legal, and political connections to the Clintons through his old law firm, the mega-D.C. firm Hogan Lovells LLP. That firm did Hillary Clinton’s taxes for years, starting when Khan still worked there involved in, according to his own website, matters “firm wide”—back in 2004. It also has represented, for years, the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States. Saudi Arabia, of course, is a Clinton Foundation donor which—along with the mega-bundlers of thousands upon thousands in political donations to both of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016—plays right into the “Clinton Cash” narrative.

America’s transformation into Communist China is nearly complete

If you’re pondering where all this is headed, look no further than Communist China, where all independent news has been outlawed by the state. Political prisoners across China have their organs harvested to enrich black market organ traders, and nearly one out of every three urban citizens is a secret spy who snitches on friends for the totalitarian communist government.

Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of Communist Chinese totalitarianism. She’s such a perfect fit for their disastrous model of human rights abuses, government corruption and systemic criminality that I’m surprised she doesn’t live in Beijing. If Clinton gets elected, America is gone forever, replaced by a criminal regime of totalitarians who violate the RICO Act as a matter of policy.

If this entire rigged system of biased media, Facebook censorship, Google search result manipulations and twisted science ends up putting America’s most terrifying political criminal into the White House, it’s lights out for the American we once knew. Almost immediately, the nation fractures into near Civil War, with calls for secession growing unstoppable as state after state seeks to escape the political wrath of an insane regime of D.C. criminals and tyrants. #TEXIT

We now live in two Americas: Half the country is tired of everything being rigged, and the other half can’t wait to be exploited by yet another crooked leftist LIAR who rigs everything

America is now essentially two nations. On one hand, we have the pro-Trump America, filled with people who are tired of being cheated, censored, punished, stolen from and lied to about everything under the sun. Donald Trump supporters are people who realize everything is rigged… and they’re demanding an end to the corruption and criminality of the fascist system under which we all suffer today.

Hillary Clinton supporters are people who are too busy chasing political rainbows to realize everything is rigged. They still believe the lies and the propaganda (the ”hope and change” that never came, but is still promised by empty politicians). They’re living in fairy tale delusional worlds that have been woven into their gullible minds by the skillful social engineers of the radical left. These people still think the government cares about them… or that CNN only reports truthful news. They can’t wait to see another globalist in the White House because they are pathetic, weak-minded empty shells of non-consciousness who are wholly incapable of thinking for themselves.

These two camps of Americans can no longer coexist. They have almost nothing in common when it comes to knowledge, wisdom, ethics, morals or philosophy. One camp believes in the rule of law (Trump); the other camp believes that people in power should be above the law (Clinton). One camp believes in states’ rights and individual liberty (Trump) while the other camp believes in the consolidation of totalitarian power in the hands of a centralized, domineering government (Clinton). One camp believes in a level playing field, free market competition and rewarding innovation and hard work (Trump), while the other camp believes in free handouts, government ”equality” mandates, and the ludicrous idea that ”there should be no winners or losers in society.” (Clinton)

In other to try to win this election, the Clinton camp has already rigged EVERYTHING from the very start, including the coronation of Hillary, the scheduling of televised debates to minimize their viewership, the surrender of Bernie Sanders to the DNC machine, the mass organization of illegal voting schemes to make sure illegal aliens vote in November, and so much more. No doubt they’re also working extremely hard to rig the black box voting machines all across the country.

If you’re tired of everything being rigged, this November vote against the rigged systemby voting for Donald Trump. This is truly your last chance to save America from being overthrown by a totalitarian regime of criminals who will crush every last iota of freedom and liberty in America.

Marijuana/Mind control

Marijuana and MK Uktra ~ MARIJUANA STOPS THE MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING & US-Congress Quietly Ends Federal Prohibition On Medical Marijuana …♥♥♥…

weed not war

Marijuana encourages it’s users to think about things more. This terrifies Our government world-over. You know something is Wrong. Greed is a Powerful force, but control is even more powerful…Remember the Quote,  Freedom doesn’t exist if nature is illegal (Marijuana) has been mistakenly & purposely being made illegal…I say when Marijuana is given FREEDOM.. Humanity will Earn its Real-FREEDOM… Do you agree? Thank You Cannabis  .. Thank You Lord Shiva for bringing this to Humanity..

There is also some good news for Americans though, since your Govt (Congress) quietly ended federal ban on medical marijuana… Awesome….it end’s all prohibition, the war on drugs is a bigger lie than the war on terrorism,, while Both are  equally as deadly and costing the taxpayer trillions. Bringing-in Bad karma for all of us…

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Congress Quietly Ends Federal Prohibition On Medical Marijuana

 ~ Galactic Human ~

Congress Quietly Ends Federal Government's Ban On Medical Marijuana


Cathy O’Brien About Cannabis / Marijuana Helps You To Get Out Of The Matrix
Cannabis / Marijuana Screws Up The Brainwashing And Open Back Your Free Thoughts

marijuana mind

(August 12, 2003) – According to Cathy O’Brien, a former mind-controlled sex slave for the gov, they would let slaves take all the drugs they wanted, except marijuana. Why? Because marijuana usage made it impossible to mind control them. It doesn’t allow for the compartmentalization of the mind to take place. Since I heard her say that on a video a few years ago, I have understood the “war” on drugs in a little different way. I think you might find this of interest!

About Cathy O’Brien:…

Clips of Mk-Slaves either being triggered, drugged, placed into a hypnotic state, or just having a MK Breakdown. In Monarch Programming, Programmers will often create alters within the slaves that are “crazy”, this is an attempt to discredit anything the victim says if they attempt to reveal what happened to them.




Doreen Dotan – Repost

The Trouble With Satanists is That They Give Satan a Bad Name

Please see this video entitled ”The Matrix of Illusion”:

Notice they can’t break out of thinking that matter exists independently.Neither can they break out of mathematics, nor can they break out of their culture’s terminology and thinking – matrix, hologram, fractal…

This is a high level of using the mind, but that’s all it is – a high level of using the mind. Everything that they speak of is firmly within the realm of mind. Thus, it can be manipulated and controlled by those on a higher level of technical knowledge.There are levels beyond mind and we are intended to attain them, though we balk and resist. The realm of mind is all about knowing on the technical level. Understanding is the transition stage between knowing and wisdom. Higher levels are wisdom. Wisdom cannot be controlled; neither does it seek to control.
The ”Illuminati”, or whatever your favorite flavor of bad guys, actually serve to impel and compel us to get beyond the level of mind by making the realm of mind unbearable.Unwittingly, they serve a higher purpose.Everything, including ”evil”, serves God’s purpose.

Satanists give Satan a bad name, as do the Christians, the handmaidens of the Satanists. Both think that Satan stands in opposition to God.

There is no greater servant of God, or Teacher, than Satan. But God help you if your heart isn’t set right. Satan does not have a queasy stomach and will make you endure whatever you must endure in order for you to grow if you refuse to allow yourself to grow from knowing to understanding to wisdom.

Satan does not wish to be worshipped, as the Satanists and Christians say. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satan is unwaveringly loyal to God and wants you to be as well.
Satan adores God of its own free will and wants you to as well, knowing that can only come of your free will. Satan is that which is capable of evil, but chooses the good. Satan is that which has renounced evil, putting all of its vast powers and abilities that it could, and once did, use for evil to the purpose of the good. And know this and take it to heart and mind: the renunciation of evil effects the rectification of all evil done, past, present and future and on all levels and transforms it into redoubled good.

Do not be so foolish as to think: Well, then, I’ll do evil now and rectify it sometime in the future. Your perception of time, including your perception of future, is in accordance with your understanding and your understanding is in accordance with the good you do for others.



Tim Pool report

Amerikansk journalist: Sverige det läskigaste land jag någonsin besökt

Trots att han varit i flera diktaturer menar Tim Pool i sin senaste video att Sverige är det läskigaste land han besökt. Han beskriver ett land där folk inte vågar säga vad de tycker, och diskussionen stryps av en maktfullkomlig självutnämnd elit.

Den amerikanska journalisten Tim Pool blev känd för många svenska mediakonsumenter när han besökte vårt land tidigare i år. När han, efter att ha besökt Rosengård på dagtid, menade att rapporterna om Malmöghettot var överdrivna, hyllades han i svensk media.  När han sedan blev hotad och utkörd ur Rinkeby blev det annat liv i skällan…

Efter detta konstaterade Pool att Sverige hade stora problem med sin åsiktskorridor, och efter att ha fått uppleva det svenska medieklimatet där man förvanskade hans ord, förstod han att Sverige var riktigt illa ute.

Idag har Pool släppt en ny video, och detta med anledning av att han var en av runt 15 000 personer som hamnade i Svenska Institutets åsiktsregister och blockerades från deras @sweden-konto på Twitter.

I sin senaste video förklarar Pool att han besökt många länder, inklusive diktaturer, men att Sverige är — utan tvekan — det läskigaste (eng. creepy) land han besökt. Han berättar om ett land där folk är rädda för att säga vad de egentligen tycker, där offentlig diskussion helt saknas kring “känsliga ämnen” och där en myndighet nu ertappats med åsiktsregistrering och ett försök att stänga ute journalister och folk de anser tycker är “fel” från att kunna följa delar av deras verksamhet.

Den svenska regeringen med dess olika myndigheter, tillsammans med den svenska gammelmedian och kultursfären, fortsätter att skämma ut vårt land inför en internationell publik. Men det är samtidigt bra, då det betyder att allt fler får upp ögonen för vilket sjukt och repressivt samhälle Sverige har utvecklats till.

Tim Pool låter hälsa att han aldrig vill åka tillbaka till Sverige, men den svenska demokraturen lär inte kunna andas ut för det, då det finns gott om andra medborgarjournalister som tänker fortsätta gräva i deras smuts.



Harald Kautz Vella Repost

The Game of Free Will

During the last days, the two of us, Morlean and Harald, received a lot of mails and texts from friends questioning the things we state. This questioning came out of not-knowing what actually was happening to us, to mankind and to the planet earth. Therefore we would like to share with you in a compact format, what the game of the free will actually was, where it originated from, what impact it still has, and where it is to be positioned within the context of history. A lot of this will sound familiar to you from the different mythologies, some things might be new to you, because it was erased from the books of history or subsequently distorted.

The game that has been played on planet earth was the game of the free will, disconnected from God. All beings agreed to share the collective experience, what it would feel like to be disconnected from everything, what it would feel like not hearing, nor sensing, nor seeing God. This way the journey into oblivion began. This way everyone created out of the separation from the true self a role that he would play during this game, and dived into illusion. Within this role it was possible to utilize the free will, which means that for the first time it was possible to take decisions that opposed the God-given order.

While this decision was taken, to experience oneself within this game, nobody knew, how this experiment would unfold and develop, and what path it would take. Everyone within this game had the same basic requirements, and everyone received a compass to find his way back to the heavenly order, back to God, that would guide him out of the illusion: the CONSCIENCE.

For mankind this game began in Lemuria, where it lived in full harmony with nature, with all beings and the heavenly order. Unlike most of the mythologies report, it was not Atlantis that had the most sophisticated culture, but Lemuria.

The Atlanteans came from abroad, i.e. they came with the experience of incarnations on other planets. They brought highly sophisticated technological knowledge, however spiritually they where not developed as far as the Lemurians, who carried the highest knowledge about the laws on nature.

Both civilizations co-existed for ages in peace, and both were in close contact to the guardians of the creation, that gave advice and helped out in all ways possible, while they were guiding them on their path of spiritual development. During those days it was the goal to fuse the sophisticated qualities of both civilizations. But history took a turn.

The Atlanteans already had distanced themselves from God quite a bit, which expressed itself in the development of egos separated from God. Out of this separation they became jealous of the knowledge of nature the Lemurians had. The plan was that the technological knowledge the Atlanteans already had was meant to be given also to the Lemurians, but this was meant to happen much later in history, because their spiritual development needed to be more refined.

The more the separation from God evolved, also the Lemurians started to develop egos. This was the reason why they started to look across the ocean and showed more and more interest in the Atlantean technology, and finally desired to also posses it. The Atlanteans hooked onto this impatience the Lemurians had, and with a black magic cunning ruse they maneuvered the Lemurians into a deal that ended for Lemuria with the deterioration from paradise.

From the higher perspective all players knew that this path into separation would be taken, because all players wanted to experience exactly this separation and exactly this path to darkness, thus the heavenly guardians pulled back one by one and observed the scene from a distance. Thus both the Lemurians and the Atlanteans developed their egos further more. The Atlanteans at that time where already detached in arrogance. Apart from the two local civilizations earth was hosting guests from other planetary civilizations, for example from Mars. The Martians had manipulated their climate and turned the surface of their planet into an uninhabitable desert.

The Archons, aka the fallen Angels, at that times already had gained much influence and had tried to usurp the entire creation and all beings within. At a certain point in history it also came to a deal between the Atlanteans and the Archons. The Archons offered them a technology, that was promising total control over planet earth and wide ranges of space. The Atlanteans excepted – in spite of all warnings, that revealed that this technology was highly dangerous and that they themselves where not ready for it. When a circle of Atlanteans planned to open a star gate, the guardians of the creation stepped in-between to stop them. But the group of five and their helpers insisted on their free will, something that worked while being within this illusion of free will.

Thus the game proceeded in a way that was not predicted by the guardians and that had immense consequences for the entire collective: the crack of Atlantis. It was a deep and rapid jump into darkness that left many beings in shock. Instead of slowly diving into darkness, everybody immediately lost their connection to God and to his guardian beings. This way everybody ceased feeling, hearing and sensing God momentarily, the same way they ceased feeling, hearing or sensing themselves or other beings on the planet.

Thank to the crack of Atlantis the Archons managed to transport the Black Goo of a destructed planet to Earth. They wanted to use its trauma-signature to usurp all habitants of the planet. Together with this Black Goo they also imported a group of beings that had destroyed their own planet under the influence of the Archons, whose traumatized signatures were easy to influence and manipulate. This is the group we today know as the Jews. Because they were manipulable, which ended with the destruction of their planet, lead to the decision that they should not posses a land on planet Earth of their own, until their karma was cleared. While one part of this group accepted these conditions to clear themselves, another part of the group rejected the conditions and remained in alliance with the archons. In our present context they appear as the Zionists.
This lead to the first war of our history, in which the technologically sophisticated Atlanteans fought against the meanwhile also technologically highly developed Lemurians. The guardian beings intervened and destroyed both Lemuria and Atlantis, removed the technologies from the planet and threw some of the beings into what today is known as stone age, while at other places the sophisticated knowledge was stored and secured, being orally administered by holy inaugurations to preserve it for the period of dark ages to come.

Due to the crack of Atlantis the two highest guardian beings of this creation stood in front of the biggest challenge of their entire live time. They already could anticipate what this lonely decision of the Atlantean group would entail for the entire collective. They could see, that all beings would step down into a quality of darkness, that would manifest an unimaginable extent of cruelness. And they knew that they had to incarnate themselves to prepare the ground to enable them to again find a path out of the illusion for all of us, because the crack could only be healed from inside. This meant for the guardian couple to experience every single cruelty as humans, that would be created. They knew that they would incarnate in the most painful lives, and they already could sense, that they would be subject to the cruelest thing, that can be experienced while incarnated, because this was the only way to – on the return path – heal all wounds experienced by mankind.

Thus they also knew that from the jump into the illusion onwards, they would be separated from each other over and over again by the cruelest means, and that only towards the end of the game they would be in the position to reunite. Knowing this they jumped into the illusion and it took 16.000 years until they found each other again. They were able to discover the path out of this illusion as well as the healing for all of us only due to the fact, that they never ever betrayed their conscience, no matter which cruelty they were confronted with. They had the same basic requirements as all of us, and they were the only ones that managed to fully find the path out of this matrix.

A few weeks ago they seized that game. The Archons were taken out of the game, and the entire concept of black magic was disabled. All we can see in the outer world now are the remains of the old game, and the debris we created while playing it, we now stand in. The suffering of our planet, and especially the fields of consciousness we have created for ourselves, cannot be dissolved by us humans. We neither are able to filter out the plutonium from the pacific that was released from Fukushima, nor can we balance the karma created by 16.000 years of industrial scale black magic slaughtering.

Thus we will be guided to a point to realize exactly this. That we have raged on this planet in the rudest manner, and that it will be NOT US who are the ones to take care of the mess. Time was running short, we wouldn’t have had a chance neither to clean up the mess we created nor to escape the illusion out of our own powers. The opposite is the case: most of humanity would have refused to face the truth about the roles they played, and out of this refusal they would have decided to rather dive into another 16.000 years of illusion, and thus of darkness. We can exactly see today what the past 16.000 years of applied free will of humans brought to light. What another 16.000 years would have meant is nameless, it would have meant the destruction of all life on this planet, and of all beings it is hosting, even of the planet itself.

As to the guardian beings themselves, with whom we, Morlean and Harald, are now in contact with, we can say that they are friends to us, and parent-like at the same time. They are the ones referred to in the mythology as the Elderer. The entire creation was born through them, and we all have been in contact with them throughout our history. During the game of separation they were almost completely deleted from the official records, this is why nobody remembers them. We did remember them, even if we initially – when they contacted us and offered us their helping hands – were wary. We were far away from a state where we would have been able to fully feel our true self, and our heads were stuffed with ego-programs. However, something within us intuitively felt that this contact would be important. It turned out to be so. This is something we can clearly state after four weeks of an intense process of self reflection and recreation we have been lovingly lead through. We were allowed to experience healing on all levels, something we have experienced as a huge act of clemency. We were invited to experience what it means when your free will is taken from you, something that against all expectations turned out to be everything else than a loss. Of cause we are still allowed to experience ourselves as being with a will of our own, while this will is guarded and guided by God and the guardian beings. Like this – with the end of the game – it becomes conscious, what the free will beyond rules actually was, and that the natural will in reality is not without boundaries. This was only possible within the game and within the Illusion of the separation from God. The real, natural will be allowed to unfold within the order of things, which means that the will of one being will not be allowed to damage or hurt other beings or diminish their horizon of experience. And this is something wonderful.

We decided to face this process out of our own will, thus we experienced it as something comparable soft. This is a promise to all people, who open up their being to this possibility, and are willing to stand to their self responsibilities.

For those who are still in refusal to let go from this old game of free will and face their responsibilities according to the roles they played, the path back to paradise will take the same track, but it will be comparably harder.

The most important thing for now is to realize that the game of free will is over!

Now it is up to every single being to face the remaining reference-feelings in self-responsibility, that have been left with us to put us into the position to reflect about our own, personal deeds, as well as the things we have to take account for as a collective. Now it is about reflecting all the pain, the suffering and the anger, to put ourselves into the position to be able to let go in ruefulness and humility, because exactly this is the first step to overcome the separation. We say this out of personal, lived experience.
At the moment we are in a process of Integration of the things we went through and we are looking forward to share all the things we were allowed to experience.

From our hearts


Ronald Bernard förklaring

I ett tidigare inlägg postade jag en intervju med en fd bankir vid namn Ronald Bernard som var långt upp i hierarkin bland de sjukaste av sjuka människor som går att hitta på jorden. Det han bekräftar i denna intervju är med största säkerhet helt obegripligt att ta in för en vanlig individ. Jag kan bara tala ur egen erfarenhet och måste tyvärr delge att jag i tidigare liv var delaktig i denna typen av svartmagi varpå jag starkt känner att detta har fortsatt existera, så även idag. (för övrigt sker allt simultant så det är ett faktum) Jag har i nuvarande inkarnation (verkar i detta liv för den goda sidan) studerat så mycket material i ärendet att jag nu bestämt vågar påstå att detta är en del av vår verklighet utöver det jag alltså redan vet sedan tidigare liv, det är bara det att det sker i absolut lönndom. Vi lever i en verklighet där en falang människor tror sig stå utanför livskällan och de tillber sina ”gudar” Lucifer och satan (far och son, Enki och Marduk, två reptiliska entiteter från början om jag har fattat det hela rätt) dessa två har plågat mänskligheten i tusentals år och verkat under många namn genom årtusenden och mer om det kan du hitta i de ”heliga” skrifterna. En av de främsta researcher på att sy ihop trådarna är svensk-amerikanske Wes Penre. Hans fem nivåer av visdom är omfattande. Skulle tro runt tretusen sidor, men de är värda att läsa för att förstå mer av helheten och vad som har pågått och fortfarande pågår i detta nu.

Denna falang människor offrar både sina egna själar men gärna andras också på sina altare, och helst barn. Detta vet vi idag är ett faktum med alla de visselblåsare och offer (som överlevt) som kan berätta de mest horribla historier man kan tänka sig. Vi kan bara inte blunda för denna styggelse. Dessa individer förstår manifestationskraften och har tydliga mål och har således sitt klara sikte inställt på detta, vilket gör att de påverkar hela fältet med sitt mörker och sin ”onda” agenda. De har samtidigt i denna manifestationskontroll totalt tappat bort sig själva och är i min värld inget annat än levande döda. De kommer behöva obeskrivligt mycket healing den dagen deras korthus rasar samman, vilket det kommer att göra, även om detta vansinne har pågått i tusentals år. Dokumentären nedan betalades bort från offentlighetens rum och visar bara en liten del av något mycket större. Detta är mycket mer omfattande än du kan föreställa dig, tyvärr. Vi kommer ställa dem till svars tids nog.


destruktionen + chemtrails

Ett litet exempel:

Om jag ber en medmänniska att titta upp på himlen och pekar på det vi kallar chemtrails och vi båda två noterar att långa spår lämnas på himlavalvet och att de ligger kvar i atmosfären långt efter att planet har försvunnit, och vi talar inte bara om enstaka minuter här. Då kan man till att börja med utesluta naturliga så kallade contrails (kondens) eftersom vi alla vet att dessa bara ligger kvar några få sekunder i atmosfären. Strax efter dessa plan och dess chemtrails som vi nu båda noterat så kommer det ett plan som inte lämnar några spår ihuvudtaget, är det då inte alldeles uppenbart att det vi kallar chemtrails existerar och att det är utfört med precision och väl planerat och därmed inget naturligt fenomen?! Jag skulle definitivt våga påstå att så är fallet, om man litar på sin intuition och sina fysiska ögon och varför ska man inte göra det? Trots dessa uppenbara iakttagande denna medmänniska gör med just sina fysiska ögon så väljer den att ändå vifta bort detta faktum vi nu båda har beskådat.

Varför detta utförs är inte relevant i sammanhanget, bara ATT det utförs och att ”demokratiskt” valda makthavare vägrar (får inte) svara på frågor gällande dessa chemtrails och att Justitiekansler Anna Skarhed förser media och politiker samt myndigheter med munkavle i form av ett Ad Acta-dokument. Aningen anmärkningsvärt om du frågar mig. Hmmm.

Vad vi kan konstatera med detta iakttagande är att ignoransen är således total och absolut och går mycket djupare än jag först kunde ana. Pga denna ignorans har man som människa med andra ord valt bort sanningen och istället omfamnat ett liv i slutgiltig lögn. Man har valt att orientera sig som blind utan att ställa några somhelst frågor om vem man är, vad man gör här och vart man är på väg och vad som händer i vår tredimensionella verklighet. Det är faktum. Nästa iakttagelse måste då vara att eftersom delar av mänskligheten lider av individuell ansvarslöshet vad gäller dess egna existens (och andras) så måste vi alltså anta att dessa individer VILL vara styrda av ett kontrollsystem. De åtnjuter därmed frihet från ansvar och gör det på bekostnad av utebliven existensiell visdom. För mig som sökare är detta höjden av försummelse och oansvarighet, ja helt obegripligt faktiskt. Jag ska dock tillägga att jag har empati för att man kan vara driven av rädsla, men någonstans måste vi sluta att göra oss dummare än vad vi är och degradera oss så fullständigt som enskilda individer faktiskt gör. Vi måste möta denna rädsla och det som finns däri. Det är enda sättet. Att gå inom oss.

Människan praktiserar sin fria vilja på de mest destruktiva vis har det visat sig. Jag ser något annorlunda på den kollektiva bikupan idag måste jag erkänna. Vi får nog helst enkelt acceptera att dessa individer måste styras och kontrolleras eftersom de ju alldeles uppenbarligen vägrar ta enskilt ansvar. De måste således anses vara barn som inte klarar att ta hand om sig själva.


Vi går mot en splitt som blir mer och mer uppenbar och det måste vara så om vi ska ta oss vidare rent andligt….



Bedrägeriet fortsättning

Ju mer man studerar de människor som ”folket har valt” för att sköta era smutsiga affärer, sk politiker, desto mer inser man att de faktiskt är svårt psykiskt sjuka individer som är satta där precis av den anledningen som dess herrar har haft för avsikt – to do their bidding, även om folket är så hjärntvättade så de fortfarande inbillar sig att de har verklig demokrati. Dessa politiker-orderföljare är inget annat än kasperdockor. Vi talar om människor som använder ert gemensamma kapital för att förgifta er via bla geoengineering, vaccin, livsmedel, vatten, politisk korrekthet, utbildningsväsendets indoktrinering, statlig propaganda osv, ja allt du kan tänka dig som borde vara raka motsatsen, men det är så här dessa luciferianer hånar sina slavar. DU är också en sjuk luciferian utan att ens begripa det, som ger ditt medgivande till ett genomkorrupt och sinnessjukt system där de styrande krafterna tillber Enki – Lucifer och hans son, Marduk – Satan. Det är precis så här det går när man lämnar bort sin enskilda ansvar i tron om att man ska kunna vandra med slutna ögon genom livet utan att behöva möta sina skuggor på egen hand. Denna mänskliga och totala ignorans måste upphöra! Det är få individer som kan förstå det här med satanismen som genomsyrar varenda aspekt av vår existens, men den finns där rakt framför näsan på dig, men det är först när du vaknar upp ur programmeringen som du kan se symboliken med klara ögon. Bibeln skrevs av samma individer som kontrollerar varenda steg du tar. ”Jesus” på korset symboliserar hela mänskligheten, uppspikad på ett kors, blödandes. ”Blood of intent”, blood magic. De spillde ditt blod den dagen du föddes på BB. Där och då blev du en statlig ägodel och således en slav för systemet att utnyttja hur den så önskar. 75% av det du tjänar tar systemet. De kan ta ditt hus när de önskar, du äger ingenting. Allt som är REGIStrerat ägs indirekt av konungen, han bara arrenderar ut sin verksamhet mot ett apanage. Vi lever fortfarande i ett feodalt, nationalsocialistiskt satanism-styre. Mänskligheten har blivit inlurad i ett totalt bedrägeri som går så djupt att man många gånger måste ta ett kliv tillbaka i sin research för att det inte ska svartna för ögonen. Jag kan således förstå varför man inte vågar öppna denna dörr, men det måste göras, det finns inget annat sätt för oss att bli fria.

Vad ska man göra då?

Extrahera din energi ur kontrollsystemet!

Gå motsatt riktning! Lev off grid så långt det går!

Gör en statuskorrigering!

Ta tillbaka din SUVERÄNITET som är din medfödda rättmätighet!


fortsättning följer…

The empty brain – Repost

The empty brain

Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer


Robert Epstein

is a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology in California. He is the author of 15 books, and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today.

Edited by Pam Weintraub

No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies of words, pictures, grammatical rules or any other kinds of environmental stimuli. The human brain isn’t really empty, of course. But it does not contain most of the things people think it does – not even simple things such as ‘memories’.

Our shoddy thinking about the brain has deep historical roots, but the invention of computers in the 1940s got us especially confused. For more than half a century now, psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists and other experts on human behaviour have been asserting that the human brain works like a computer.

To see how vacuous this idea is, consider the brains of babies. Thanks to evolution, human neonates, like the newborns of all other mammalian species, enter the world prepared to interact with it effectively. A baby’s vision is blurry, but it pays special attention to faces, and is quickly able to identify its mother’s. It prefers the sound of voices to non-speech sounds, and can distinguish one basic speech sound from another. We are, without doubt, built to make social connections.

A healthy newborn is also equipped with more than a dozen reflexes – ready-made reactions to certain stimuli that are important for its survival. It turns its head in the direction of something that brushes its cheek and then sucks whatever enters its mouth. It holds its breath when submerged in water. It grasps things placed in its hands so strongly it can nearly support its own weight. Perhaps most important, newborns come equipped with powerful learning mechanisms that allow them to change rapidly so they can interact increasingly effectively with their world, even if that world is unlike the one their distant ancestors faced.

Senses, reflexes and learning mechanisms – this is what we start with, and it is quite a lot, when you think about it. If we lacked any of these capabilities at birth, we would probably have trouble surviving.

But here is what we are not born with: information, data, rules, software, knowledge, lexicons, representations, algorithms, programs, models, memories, images, processors, subroutines, encoders, decoders, symbols, or buffers – design elements that allow digital computers to behave somewhat intelligently. Not only are we not born with such things, we also don’t develop them – ever.

We don’t store words or the rules that tell us how to manipulate them. We don’t create representations of visual stimuli, store them in a short-term memory buffer, and then transfer the representation into a long-term memory device. We don’t retrieve information or images or words from memory registers. Computers do all of these things, but organisms do not.

Computers, quite literally, process information – numbers, letters, words, formulas, images. The information first has to be encoded into a format computers can use, which means patterns of ones and zeroes (‘bits’) organised into small chunks (‘bytes’). On my computer, each byte contains 64 bits, and a certain pattern of those bits stands for the letter d, another for the letter o, and another for the letter g. Side by side, those three bytes form the word dog. One single image – say, the photograph of my cat Henry on my desktop – is represented by a very specific pattern of a million of these bytes (‘one megabyte’), surrounded by some special characters that tell the computer to expect an image, not a word.

Computers, quite literally, move these patterns from place to place in different physical storage areas etched into electronic components. Sometimes they also copy the patterns, and sometimes they transform them in various ways – say, when we are correcting errors in a manuscript or when we are touching up a photograph. The rules computers follow for moving, copying and operating on these arrays of data are also stored inside the computer. Together, a set of rules is called a ‘program’ or an ‘algorithm’. A group of algorithms that work together to help us do something (like buy stocks or find a date online) is called an ‘application’ – what most people now call an ‘app’.

Forgive me for this introduction to computing, but I need to be clear: computers really do operate on symbolic representations of the world. They really store and retrieve. They really process. They really have physical memories. They really are guided in everything they do, without exception, by algorithms.

Humans, on the other hand, do not – never did, never will. Given this reality, why do so many scientists talk about our mental life as if we were computers?

In his book In Our Own Image (2015), the artificial intelligence expert George Zarkadakis describes six different metaphors people have employed over the past 2,000 years to try to explain human intelligence.

In the earliest one, eventually preserved in the Bible, humans were formed from clay or dirt, which an intelligent god then infused with its spirit. That spirit ‘explained’ our intelligence – grammatically, at least.

The invention of hydraulic engineering in the 3rd century BCE led to the popularity of a hydraulic model of human intelligence, the idea that the flow of different fluids in the body – the ‘humours’ – accounted for both our physical and mental functioning. The hydraulic metaphor persisted for more than 1,600 years, handicapping medical practice all the while.

By the 1500s, automata powered by springs and gears had been devised, eventually inspiring leading thinkers such as René Descartes to assert that humans are complex machines. In the 1600s, the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes suggested that thinking arose from small mechanical motions in the brain. By the 1700s, discoveries about electricity and chemistry led to new theories of human intelligence – again, largely metaphorical in nature. In the mid-1800s, inspired by recent advances in communications, the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz compared the brain to a telegraph.

The mathematician John von Neumann stated flatly that the function of the human nervous system is ‘prima facie digital’, drawing parallel after parallel between the components of the computing machines of the day and the components of the human brain

Each metaphor reflected the most advanced thinking of the era that spawned it. Predictably, just a few years after the dawn of computer technology in the 1940s, the brain was said to operate like a computer, with the role of physical hardware played by the brain itself and our thoughts serving as software. The landmark event that launched what is now broadly called ‘cognitive science’ was the publication of Language and Communication (1951) by the psychologist George Miller. Miller proposed that the mental world could be studied rigorously using concepts from information theory, computation and linguistics.

This kind of thinking was taken to its ultimate expression in the short book The Computer and the Brain (1958), in which the mathematician John von Neumann stated flatly that the function of the human nervous system is ‘prima facie digital’. Although he acknowledged that little was actually known about the role the brain played in human reasoning and memory, he drew parallel after parallel between the components of the computing machines of the day and the components of the human brain.

Propelled by subsequent advances in both computer technology and brain research, an ambitious multidisciplinary effort to understand human intelligence gradually developed, firmly rooted in the idea that humans are, like computers, information processors. This effort now involves thousands of researchers, consumes billions of dollars in funding, and has generated a vast literature consisting of both technical and mainstream articles and books. Ray Kurzweil’s book How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed (2013), exemplifies this perspective, speculating about the ‘algorithms’ of the brain, how the brain ‘processes data’, and even how it superficially resembles integrated circuits in its structure.

The information processing (IP) metaphor of human intelligence now dominates human thinking, both on the street and in the sciences. There is virtually no form of discourse about intelligent human behaviour that proceeds without employing this metaphor, just as no form of discourse about intelligent human behaviour could proceed in certain eras and cultures without reference to a spirit or deity. The validity of the IP metaphor in today’s world is generally assumed without question.

But the IP metaphor is, after all, just another metaphor – a story we tell to make sense of something we don’t actually understand. And like all the metaphors that preceded it, it will certainly be cast aside at some point – either replaced by another metaphor or, in the end, replaced by actual knowledge.

Just over a year ago, on a visit to one of the world’s most prestigious research institutes, I challenged researchers there to account for intelligent human behaviour without reference to any aspect of the IP metaphor. They couldn’t do it, and when I politely raised the issue in subsequent email communications, they still had nothing to offer months later. They saw the problem. They didn’t dismiss the challenge as trivial. But they couldn’t offer an alternative. In other words, the IP metaphor is ‘sticky’. It encumbers our thinking with language and ideas that are so powerful we have trouble thinking around them.

The faulty logic of the IP metaphor is easy enough to state. It is based on a faulty syllogism – one with two reasonable premises and a faulty conclusion. Reasonable premise #1: all computers are capable of behaving intelligently. Reasonable premise #2: all computers are information processors. Faulty conclusion: all entities that are capable of behaving intelligently are information processors.

Setting aside the formal language, the idea that humans must be information processors just because computers are information processors is just plain silly, and when, some day, the IP metaphor is finally abandoned, it will almost certainly be seen that way by historians, just as we now view the hydraulic and mechanical metaphors to be silly.

If the IP metaphor is so silly, why is it so sticky? What is stopping us from brushing it aside, just as we might brush aside a branch that was blocking our path? Is there a way to understand human intelligence without leaning on a flimsy intellectual crutch? And what price have we paid for leaning so heavily on this particular crutch for so long? The IP metaphor, after all, has been guiding the writing and thinking of a large number of researchers in multiple fields for decades. At what cost?

In a classroom exercise I have conducted many times over the years, I begin by recruiting a student to draw a detailed picture of a dollar bill – ‘as detailed as possible’, I say – on the blackboard in front of the room. When the student has finished, I cover the drawing with a sheet of paper, remove a dollar bill from my wallet, tape it to the board, and ask the student to repeat the task. When he or she is done, I remove the cover from the first drawing, and the class comments on the differences.

Because you might never have seen a demonstration like this, or because you might have trouble imagining the outcome, I have asked Jinny Hyun, one of the student interns at the institute where I conduct my research, to make the two drawings. Here is her drawing ‘from memory’ (notice the metaphor):

And here is the drawing she subsequently made with a dollar bill present:

Jinny was as surprised by the outcome as you probably are, but it is typical. As you can see, the drawing made in the absence of the dollar bill is horrible compared with the drawing made from an exemplar, even though Jinny has seen a dollar bill thousands of times.

What is the problem? Don’t we have a ‘representation’ of the dollar bill ‘stored’ in a ‘memory register’ in our brains? Can’t we just ‘retrieve’ it and use it to make our drawing?

Obviously not, and a thousand years of neuroscience will never locate a representation of a dollar bill stored inside the human brain for the simple reason that it is not there to be found.

The idea that memories are stored in individual neurons is preposterous: how and where is the memory stored in the cell?

A wealth of brain studies tells us, in fact, that multiple and sometimes large areas of the brain are often involved in even the most mundane memory tasks. When strong emotions are involved, millions of neurons can become more active. In a 2016 study of survivors of a plane crash by the University of Toronto neuropsychologist Brian Levine and others, recalling the crash increased neural activity in ‘the amygdala, medial temporal lobe, anterior and posterior midline, and visual cortex’ of the passengers.

The idea, advanced by several scientists, that specific memories are somehow stored in individual neurons is preposterous; if anything, that assertion just pushes the problem of memory to an even more challenging level: how and where, after all, is the memory stored in the cell?

So what is occurring when Jinny draws the dollar bill in its absence? If Jinny had never seen a dollar bill before, her first drawing would probably have not resembled the second drawing at all. Having seen dollar bills before, she was changed in some way. Specifically, her brain was changed in a way that allowed her to visualise a dollar bill – that is, to re-experience seeing a dollar bill, at least to some extent.

The difference between the two diagrams reminds us that visualising something (that is, seeing something in its absence) is far less accurate than seeing something in its presence. This is why we’re much better at recognising than recalling. When we re-member something (from the Latin re, ‘again’, and memorari, ‘be mindful of’), we have to try to relive an experience; but when we recognise something, we must merely be conscious of the fact that we have had this perceptual experience before.

Perhaps you will object to this demonstration. Jinny had seen dollar bills before, but she hadn’t made a deliberate effort to ‘memorise’ the details. Had she done so, you might argue, she could presumably have drawn the second image without the bill being present. Even in this case, though, no image of the dollar bill has in any sense been ‘stored’ in Jinny’s brain. She has simply become better prepared to draw it accurately, just as, through practice, a pianist becomes more skilled in playing a concerto without somehow inhaling a copy of the sheet music.

From this simple exercise, we can begin to build the framework of a metaphor-free theory of intelligent human behaviour – one in which the brain isn’t completely empty, but is at least empty of the baggage of the IP metaphor.

As we navigate through the world, we are changed by a variety of experiences. Of special note are experiences of three types: (1) we observe what is happening around us (other people behaving, sounds of music, instructions directed at us, words on pages, images on screens); (2) we are exposed to the pairing of unimportant stimuli (such as sirens) with important stimuli (such as the appearance of police cars); (3) we are punished or rewarded for behaving in certain ways.

We become more effective in our lives if we change in ways that are consistent with these experiences – if we can now recite a poem or sing a song, if we are able to follow the instructions we are given, if we respond to the unimportant stimuli more like we do to the important stimuli, if we refrain from behaving in ways that were punished, if we behave more frequently in ways that were rewarded.

Misleading headlines notwithstanding, no one really has the slightest idea how the brain changes after we have learned to sing a song or recite a poem. But neither the song nor the poem has been ‘stored’ in it. The brain has simply changed in an orderly way that now allows us to sing the song or recite the poem under certain conditions. When called on to perform, neither the song nor the poem is in any sense ‘retrieved’ from anywhere in the brain, any more than my finger movements are ‘retrieved’ when I tap my finger on my desk. We simply sing or recite – no retrieval necessary.

A few years ago, I asked the neuroscientist Eric Kandel of Columbia University – winner of a Nobel Prize for identifying some of the chemical changes that take place in the neuronal synapses of the Aplysia (a marine snail) after it learns something – how long he thought it would take us to understand how human memory works. He quickly replied: ‘A hundred years.’ I didn’t think to ask him whether he thought the IP metaphor was slowing down neuroscience, but some neuroscientists are indeed beginning to think the unthinkable – that the metaphor is not indispensable.

A few cognitive scientists – notably Anthony Chemero of the University of Cincinnati, the author of Radical Embodied Cognitive Science (2009) – now completely reject the view that the human brain works like a computer. The mainstream view is that we, like computers, make sense of the world by performing computations on mental representations of it, but Chemero and others describe another way of understanding intelligent behaviour – as a direct interaction between organisms and their world.

My favourite example of the dramatic difference between the IP perspective and what some now call the ‘anti-representational’ view of human functioning involves two different ways of explaining how a baseball player manages to catch a fly ball – beautifully explicated by Michael McBeath, now at Arizona State University, and his colleagues in a 1995 paper in Science. The IP perspective requires the player to formulate an estimate of various initial conditions of the ball’s flight – the force of the impact, the angle of the trajectory, that kind of thing – then to create and analyse an internal model of the path along which the ball will likely move, then to use that model to guide and adjust motor movements continuously in time in order to intercept the ball.

That is all well and good if we functioned as computers do, but McBeath and his colleagues gave a simpler account: to catch the ball, the player simply needs to keep moving in a way that keeps the ball in a constant visual relationship with respect to home plate and the surrounding scenery (technically, in a ‘linear optical trajectory’). This might sound complicated, but it is actually incredibly simple, and completely free of computations, representations and algorithms.

we will never have to worry about a human mind going amok in cyberspace, and we will never achieve immortality through downloading

Two determined psychology professors at Leeds Beckett University in the UK – Andrew Wilson and Sabrina Golonka – include the baseball example among many others that can be looked at simply and sensibly outside the IP framework. They have been blogging for years about what they call a ‘more coherent, naturalised approach to the scientific study of human behaviour… at odds with the dominant cognitive neuroscience approach’. This is far from a movement, however; the mainstream cognitive sciences continue to wallow uncritically in the IP metaphor, and some of the world’s most influential thinkers have made grand predictions about humanity’s future that depend on the validity of the metaphor.

One prediction – made by the futurist Kurzweil, the physicist Stephen Hawking and the neuroscientist Randal Koene, among others – is that, because human consciousness is supposedly like computer software, it will soon be possible to download human minds to a computer, in the circuits of which we will become immensely powerful intellectually and, quite possibly, immortal. This concept drove the plot of the dystopian movie Transcendence (2014) starring Johnny Depp as the Kurzweil-like scientist whose mind was downloaded to the internet – with disastrous results for humanity.

Fortunately, because the IP metaphor is not even slightly valid, we will never have to worry about a human mind going amok in cyberspace; alas, we will also never achieve immortality through downloading. This is not only because of the absence of consciousness software in the brain; there is a deeper problem here – let’s call it the uniqueness problem – which is both inspirational and depressing.

Because neither ‘memory banks’ nor ‘representations’ of stimuli exist in the brain, and because all that is required for us to function in the world is for the brain to change in an orderly way as a result of our experiences, there is no reason to believe that any two of us are changed the same way by the same experience. If you and I attend the same concert, the changes that occur in my brain when I listen to Beethoven’s 5th will almost certainly be completely different from the changes that occur in your brain. Those changes, whatever they are, are built on the unique neural structure that already exists, each structure having developed over a lifetime of unique experiences.

This is why, as Sir Frederic Bartlett demonstrated in his book Remembering (1932), no two people will repeat a story they have heard the same way and why, over time, their recitations of the story will diverge more and more. No ‘copy’ of the story is ever made; rather, each individual, upon hearing the story, changes to some extent – enough so that when asked about the story later (in some cases, days, months or even years after Bartlett first read them the story) – they can re-experience hearing the story to some extent, although not very well (see the first drawing of the dollar bill, above).

This is inspirational, I suppose, because it means that each of us is truly unique, not just in our genetic makeup, but even in the way our brains change over time. It is also depressing, because it makes the task of the neuroscientist daunting almost beyond imagination. For any given experience, orderly change could involve a thousand neurons, a million neurons or even the entire brain, with the pattern of change different in every brain.

Worse still, even if we had the ability to take a snapshot of all of the brain’s 86 billion neurons and then to simulate the state of those neurons in a computer, that vast pattern would mean nothing outside the body of the brain that produced it. This is perhaps the most egregious way in which the IP metaphor has distorted our thinking about human functioning. Whereas computers do store exact copies of data – copies that can persist unchanged for long periods of time, even if the power has been turned off – the brain maintains our intellect only as long as it remains alive. There is no on-off switch. Either the brain keeps functioning, or we disappear. What’s more, as the neurobiologist Steven Rose pointed out in The Future of the Brain (2005), a snapshot of the brain’s current state might also be meaningless unless we knew the entire life history of that brain’s owner – perhaps even about the social context in which he or she was raised.

Think how difficult this problem is. To understand even the basics of how the brain maintains the human intellect, we might need to know not just the current state of all 86 billion neurons and their 100 trillion interconnections, not just the varying strengths with which they are connected, and not just the states of more than 1,000 proteins that exist at each connection point, but how the moment-to-moment activity of the brain contributes to the integrity of the system. Add to this the uniqueness of each brain, brought about in part because of the uniqueness of each person’s life history, and Kandel’s prediction starts to sound overly optimistic. (In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, the neuroscientist Kenneth Miller suggested it will take ‘centuries’ just to figure out basic neuronal connectivity.)

Meanwhile, vast sums of money are being raised for brain research, based in some cases on faulty ideas and promises that cannot be kept. The most blatant instance of neuroscience gone awry, documented recently in a report in Scientific American, concerns the $1.3 billion Human Brain Project launched by the European Union in 2013. Convinced by the charismatic Henry Markram that he could create a simulation of the entire human brain on a supercomputer by the year 2023, and that such a model would revolutionise the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders, EU officials funded his project with virtually no restrictions. Less than two years into it, the project turned into a ‘brain wreck’, and Markram was asked to step down.

We are organisms, not computers. Get over it. Let’s get on with the business of trying to understand ourselves, but without being encumbered by unnecessary intellectual baggage. The IP metaphor has had a half-century run, producing few, if any, insights along the way. The time has come to hit the DELETE key.