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False Memory Syndrome: Mind Control and Pedophilia

4 days ago

The False Memory Syndrome has come under fire from many over the months since pedogate/pizzagate broke. It was founded by accused pedophiles and its ’Scientific Advisory Board’ includes an impressive number of military intelligence and MKULTRA linked doctors. Its members have been called as expert witnesses in many legal cases, ranging from the trial of Patty Hearst to the dismissal of sex abuse victims and setting a legal precedent to have child sex abuse victims taken from their parents and placed with their abuser. Their influence on the American legal system in thinly veiled advocacy for pedophilia should be considered a crime against humanity. These individuals were not only advocating for pedophilia, they were actively destroying the lives of victims of sex abuse, and on top of that, creating a legal precedent for this abuse to continue with no recourse for victims and families to seek justice.

I have always been disgusted that the founder of the organization which spawned the infamous ”False Memory Syndrome” had no psychological qualifications whatsoever. Nonetheless, the impact this ”syndrome” has had mental health care and legal implications for survivors ritual, and similar abuse has been tragic and extreme.

Anyone who attempts to find comfort in the idea that these tactics are safely tucked away into the past will be sorely disappointed. Parents of children who have been abused and who try to fight for their safety are still being arrested – on Child Abuse Charges for attempting to stop horrific abuse.

Case in point: This Bartlesville, Oklahoma man was arrested for ”child abuse” after stating publicly that his child had been ritually raped. He was arrested for speaking out against this abuse.

Bartlesville Police arrest man for child abuse, threats – The father was arrested after this incident:

”According to a probable cause arrest affidavit filed in Washington County District Court, Hudnall [the father who would be arrested]and his minor child approached a Bartlesville police officer May 27 to report that in 2015, the child had been kidnapped, hit in the head and dragged to Bartlesville High School where he was subsequently raped by a cult of 18 individuals — including personnel from the Bartlesville Police Department, Washington County District Attorney’s office and St. John’s Catholic School.”

A massive amount of amazing research has already been done on this subject, and more comprehensive studies of the sinister links of the False Memory Syndrome are available. I’ve tried to link to as many as them as I can here. Some of the significant names connected to this scandalous group and many ”doctors” who were funded by MKULTRA programs are linked directly to pro-pedophilia stances through the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is directly made up of pedophilia advocates, and simultaneously linked to mind-control doctors, which makes the organization an important crux of these issues.

The False Memory Syndrome and the many monstrous individuals associated with it confirm via its own associations and the words of its members that MKULTRA intelligence agency studies in mind control were never separate from the sexual abuse of children. The combination of these issues is what has given us the many accounts of ritual child sexual abuse which often also includes mind control methods like electroshock. These issues are not separate, unfortunately.

Ralph Underwager, Pedophilia Advocate 
FMSF founders like Ralph Underwager advocated pedophilia. It is doubly horrific that the same charlatans who advocated sexual abuse of children, and who actually worked for MKULTRA projects, could invent a ’syndrome’ used to destroy survivor’s credibility in both mental health and the legal arena.

Underwager’s direct advocacy for pedophilia should immediately discount any claims of legitimacy the False Memory Syndrome Foundation could have had. However, this is only the beginning of issues with FMSF members.

The amount of damage this has caused for survivors is unthinkable.

Underwager was quoted giving ”a remark in an interview, appearing in an Amsterdam journal for paedophiles, that it was ”God’s Will” adults engage in sex with children.” The entire article which pointed this out is extremely informative:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 2.32.31 PM.png
Ralph Underwager 
Astute twitter users have already begun to question the pro-pedophilia stance of FMSF members like Ralph Underwager. Tweet is archived here. There is an entire thread on twitter about the FMSF which is highly recommended reading.

Underwager has ”graced courtrooms around the world, often by satellite. Defense lawyers for Woody Allen turned to him, he boasts, when Mia Farrow accused her estranged husband of molesting their seven year-old daughter.” His testimony was used by the official inquiry to dismiss allegations of abuse during the 1897 UK Cleveland Child Abuse scandal.

It is unsurprising, sad, and sickening that figures like Woody Allen – high profile child abusers – would be able to find legal legitimacy by hiding behind a syndrome invented by pedophilia advocates.

If anyone ever doubted, even for a moment, that Woody Allen abused his daughter – her testimony was published by the New York Times, here:

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.53.18 AM.png
In addition to defending hollywood actors who raped their daughters, Underwager also found time to become involved in a massive UK scandal, where hundreds of abused children were returned to their abusive homes despite evidence of sexual abuse. This is known as the Cleveland scandal. This is important because the FMSF is here linked to the defense of pedophiles, and through multiple other members of the foundation, to MKULTRA. That this organization is linked to both of these varieties of abuse is important in showing that the memories of victims are a powerful threat to their abusers, and that the CIA’s MKULTRA type projects were not only some type of cold war desparation to create super soldiers, which may have also used children. It indicates that these projects were actively abusing children in ways that included pedophilia, as shown in The Finders cult documents.

The Spotlight on Child Abuse blog has an informative article on the Cleveland scandal in the UK.

It states:

”Most people’s memory of the Cleveland child abuse scandal in 1987 would be of a nationionwide media storm involving ‘falsely accused’ parents whose children had been taken away by over-zealous social workers who had misdiagnosed child sexual abuse.

But the truth was much darker. The majority of the children had been sexually abused and many were subsequently made to return to the homes they were abused in. The Department of Health “actively withheld and concealed” evidence from an independent panel which showed that 93 of the 121 Cleveland children had been found by the courts to be at risk of abuse. In 1989, the Department of Health destroyed all records relating to the children. Within two years of the original controversy, many of the children had been re-referred to social services.”

”…The Butler-Sloss inquiry into the Cleveland case heard evidence from an American ‘child abuse expert’ called Ralph Underwager. He spoke out on behalf of the ‘falsely accused’ parents and many of his recommendations made their way into the Butler-Sloss report. The Butler-Sloss report, as Frank Cook pointed out, went on to influence both Children’s Act and also the subsequent handling of countless child abuse inquiries.

Examples of evidence submitted by Ralph Underwager that ended up in the Butler-Sloss inquiry report:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.18.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 2.37.04 PM.png
Source of above image, here
Spotlight On Child Abuse’s excellent report on this subject directly cites Underwager’s pro-pedophilia statements made in an interview with a European group called Paidika, a counterpart to the US group NAMBLA. The full interview is available here

It states in part:

” Underwager had appeared in court on behalf of defendants in child sexual abuse cases more than 200 times in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Britain (including the Cleveland case). In court and in the media, Underwager claimed that 60% of women sexually abused in childhood reported that the experience was good for them, he characterized child protection investigations as nothing less than an “assault on the family as an institution”and he alleged that 75% of mothers alleging sexual abuse in custody proceedings suffered from a “severe personality disorder” that prompted them to manufacture false allegations.”

One can see here why Underwager, advocating for rapists like Woody Allen, should have been thrown out of court immediately if our judicial system were remotely concerned with justice.

”In 1993 he gave an interview to a pro-paedophilia magazine called Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia, along with his wife, Hollida Wakefield, also a psychologist. The interview caused a huge controversy and he was forced to resign from the board of the False Memory Foundation”

(But not before wreaking havoc on countless lives and discrediting unknown numbers of victims)

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.27.10 PM.png
Underwager even appears to quote the Crowley slogan ”Do as thou wilt” during the interview with Paidika, when he states:

”When the blessed apostle Paul says, “All things are lawful for me,” he says it not once but four times. “All things are lawful for me…. ”As with all human behavior, I would suggest that paedophiles can’t say, “I have chosen; I choose; I will act in this fashion. I believe that the outcome will be good. I will pay the price for that act, whatever that price may be.”

Example of Crowley’s Book of The Law for comparison:

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.04.58 AM.png
Part of Underwager’s interview with Paidika:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.38.29 PM.png
Ralph Underwager is also the subject of this piece, which is linked on the Spotlight on Child Abuse article:

As well as this film on the Cleveland Scandal:

I am sure this is only the tip of the iceburg on Ralph Underwager and I hope other researchers will look into him further, as well as other FMSF members and associates discussed here.

Peter J Freyd 
The principal founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was Peter J. Freyd. Freyd is a mathematician, with no psychological or therapeutic qualifications. The only credential he has in the field is that he was accused of molesting his daughter.

Peter Freyd, image via Wikipedia.
In contrast, Freyd’s daughter became a professor or psychology at the University of Oregon, openly leveled accusations of abuse against her parents at an August 1993 mental health conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is doubly damning because her testimony was discounted AND because a baseless ”Syndrome” was invented in order to carry off this dismissal of Freyd’s daughter and many other survivors of incest and ritualistic abuse.

This excellent article tears the dismissal of Jennifer’s testimony to shreds.

”Pamela Freyd turned to her own psychiatrist, Dr Harold Lief, currently and advisory board member of the Foundation, to diagnose Jennifer.

”He explained to me that he did not believe I was abused,” Jennifer recalls. Dr Lief’s diagnosis was based on his belief that Peter Freyd’s fantasies were strictly ”homoerotic”. Of course, his daughter furrows a brow at the assumption that homoerotic fantasies or a heterosexual marriage exclude the possibility of child molestation. Lief’s skewed logic is a trademark of the Foundation.

He is a close colleague of the CIA’s Martin Orne. Dr Lief, a former major in the Army medical corps, joined the University of Pennsylvania faculty in 1968, the peak of federally-funded behavioural modification experiments at Holmesburg Prison. Dr Orne consulted with him on several studies in hypnotic programming.

His academic writing reveals a peculiar range of professional interests, including ”Orgasm in the Postoperative Transsexual” for Archives of Sexual Behaviour, and an exploration of the possibility of life after death for a journal on mental diseased edited by Foundation fellow Paul McHugh. Lief is a director of the Centre for Sexuality and Religion, past president of the Sex Information and Education Council.”

Orne, as discussed later, was funded in association with an MKULTRA subproject, as a matter of public record.

”Orne devoted much of his career to the investigation of memory distortion[4] and hypnosis.[2] His first published paper focused on issues and myths of hypnosis and age regression in adults.”

”Dr Orne received CIA funding through Project MKUltra Subproject 84 in 1958. Subproject documents indicate that he received TOP SECRET clearance from the CIA in 1960. In an interview with John Marks, unidentified CIA personnel explained that Dr Orne was one of a handful of informal consultants the CIA used on a regular basis.”

Fortunately, this topic has been covered more by independent press than other topics, due to the outright corruption of the foundation and association of its founders and members with military intelligence MKULTRA as a matter of public record.

ISGP and Colin Ross’s FOIA Material 
The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert politics has compiled very detailed information on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and its members, and I urge readers to read this page in its entirety. The page includes a substantial amount of information provided by Colin Ross’s FOIA requests. These details show that board members of the organization were also documented to have been associated not only with the CIA, but even with the MKULTRA program.

Many of the members of the FMSF were associated with military intelligence programs and even directly funded by MKULTRA projects. To any neutral observer this fact alone is astounding. Combined with the FMSF’s blatant pro-pedophilia stance, the FMSF’s opinion should be utterly discounted by any logical observer.

Dr. Martin Orne 
Dr. Martin Orne is yet another ”physician” who ISGP lists as a member of the FMSF’s ’Scientific Advisory Board.’. He is joined in this position by MKULTRA doctor Louis Joylon West. Orne also unsurprisingly received funds from the MKULTRA program. He studied ”hypnosis,” multiple personality disorder and ”brainwashing” according to the ISGP and the New York Times.

Orne was cited by The Supreme Court in no less than 30 cases.

ISGP also provides the following based on the FOIA’d documents supplied by Colin Ross:

”… In 1938, the [Orne] family left Austria for the United States. And I notice in one of Martin Orne’s papers that he has referenced G.H. Estabrooks’ 1942 textbook, which I have read, where he describes creating Manchurian candidates for the military, so I know that Martin Orne is aware of G.H. Estabrooks’ claim to have created MPD. Can I establish any better connection than that? Well lo and behold I find that G.H. Estabrooks edited a book to which Martin Orne contributed a chapter… Well, we saw in the original list of MKULTRA consultants that Martin Orne was funded through that, and had top-secret clearance. When you look at Martin Orne’s C.V.-he lists in his C.V. numerous military intelligence funding sources (virtually all branches of the military) and he, in his publications, cites funding by Air Force, Army (I am pretty sure), Office of Naval Research, and Human Ecology. A reliable source informed me that he also consulted with the National Security Agency. He basically has consulted with all branches of the military intelligence and civilian intelligence network. He also has taken the position, since at least 1984 in public, that MPD is almost always an iatrogenic [misdiagnosed] artifact.”

Orne’s status as having been not only funded by the CIA but specifically for MKULTRA projects is referenced on his wikipedia page:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 5.49.51 PM.png
ISGP also writes of Orne:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 5.57.15 PM.png
Orne also testified at the Trial of Patty Hearst: ”Dr. Orne was also was an expert witness in the trial of Patty Hearst, the kidnapped heiress caught robbing a bank in 1976. He was convinced of her innocence in that she was coerced into the robbery by her kidnappers.” Louis Joylon West, who was known to have worked with CIA MKULTRA programs, also testified at Hearst’s trial in her defense.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 6.19.59 PM.png
That Hearst was ”the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate who served as the inspiration for the 1941 Orson Welles film “Citizen Kane..” – one may surmise from this information that she was possibly involved or victimized in experimentation herself, as it seems the children of the elite are no more immune to the abuses they invented than any other children, in fact, this author would guess that they are most frequently heavily abused in order to create ’controlled controllers,’ as I’ve often discussed.

Unsurprisingly, even mainstream news has commented on links between Hearst’s case and the Jonestown Massacre, another instance of mind control experimentation in this author’s opinion. The link in that case seems relatively minor, but it is still noteworthy that legacy media is willing to make such connections.

Dr. Harold Lief

A close friend of Orne included Dr. Harold Lief, according to ISGP. ISGP wrote that Lief was also the therapist involved with the Freyd’s case, and was the individual who first discounted the abuse claims of Freyd’s daughter. He was an avid advocate of Sex Education.

Joylon West 
A member of the FMSF ”Scientific Advisory Board” was none other than the infamous Louis Joylon West, who was a psychiatrist involved with the MKULTRA program as a matter of public record.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.32.36 PM.png
Louis Joylon West 
”West became a subcontractor for MKUltra subproject 43, a $20,800 grant by the CIA while he was chairman of the department of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma. The proposal submitted by West was titled ”Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestability” with an accompanying document titled “Studies of Dissociative States”. More on his history can be read here.

This also corroborates CIA-backed institutions like Esalen’s interest in hypnosis, dissociative identity disorder, and altered states via drugs and shamanistic practice.

West also performed the psychiatric evaluation on Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald in the wake of the assassination of JFK. ”Ruby, West said, suffered from ”major mental illness apparently precipitated by the stress of [his] trial and its aftermath.” West’s opinion forestalled Ruby’s death sentence, and the convicted murderer died of cancer in prison.

He experimented in Oklahoma City during the 50’s, including an infamous event where he killed an elephant with LSD at Oklahoma City Zoo. He was called an ”expert on brainwashing” in a legal case.

During the course of my research, I have found that Oklahoma is in general an unexpected center of this variety of research, experimentation, and child abuse. Accusations of cultic and ritual abuse continue to surface there to this day. After West’s deadly experiment on the elephant, he was appointed head of the Department of Psychiatry, Neurology and Biobehavioral Sciences at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine.

It’s very interesting to this author to note that West was not only an expert in brainwashing and MKULTRA, but also commented often on cult activityincluding Heaven’s Gate and Scientology . This, once again, implies the connection between those who studied dissociative states and how to create and control them with military intelligence groups were also deeply tied to the study of cult groups and practices.

He also is reported to have ”served as a consultant to the Air Force, the Peace Corps, the U.S. Information Agency, the Aerospace Medical Center and other government organizations.”

West also travelled to South Africa, with official reports stating that he went there to fight against racial discrimination. However, there is indication that he may have actually gone to this location to research and experiment in brainwashing techniques. I have previously written about the cannibalistic customs in South Africa, and cited it as an example of a primitive ritual abuse type practice.

I don’t want to simply re-state the work of the ISGP author, but I would strongly recommend reading their page on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

In addition to Joylon West, other members of the FMSF with military or MKULTRA backgrounds include:

David Dinges, a member of the scientific advisory board of the FMSF, was involved with Navy Intelligence. Harold Leif was involved with CIA mind control experiments. Paul McHugh has been a very vocal critic of Dissociative Identity Disorder and has worked at many military hospitals. Martin T. Orne was funded by MKULTRA … There are more suspicious members of the FMSF but I feel that this list suffices.”

One author quoted the Columbia Journalism Review on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 2.55.22 PM.png
Michael Persinger 

Another member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the FMSF was Michael Persinger, according to ISGP. Persinger was a: ”Clinical neurophysicist and professor of neuroscience, whose work over the years has focused on the effects of electromagnetic fields upon biological organisms and human behavior. Persinger has long claimed that mystical experiences, out-of-the-body excursions and other psychic experiences are linked in some way to excessive bursts of electrical activity in the temporal lobes. ”This is extremely significant because it relates to my previous post on a ritual abuse survivor who has experienced documented temporal lobe issues as a result of ritual abuse and electrocution:

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

A Note Of Concern On Colin Ross: 
Colin Ross 
My only question/issue with the extensive work presented by ISGP is that they rely heavily on the work of Colin Ross, a famous therapist in the Multiple Personality Disorder realm.

The book ”Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America,” by James Randall Noblitt and Pamela Sue Perskin, points out on page 55, that ” Dr. Colin Ross, a former President of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation and also a member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, recently lamented that at ’present there is not a single published clinical research study of Satanic ritual abuse involving a comparison group and statistical analysis.”

Noblitt responds to Ross’s assertion, stating: ”This observation was incorrect at the time it was published and is still incorrect,” before pointing out other instances where Ross had questioned the legitimacy of this kind of abuse. This is extremely interesting to me, due to ISGP’s reliance on Ross’s FOIA’s to write about the False Memory Syndrome.

While members like Joylon West have a CIA, MKULTRA history that speaks loudly for itself, I am troubled that Ross may have been a member of this group while possibly pretending to be an advocate for ritual abuse survivors or multiple personality disorder sufferers.

Dishonorable Mention: Richard A. Gardner 
Richard Gardner was a Columbia University professor of clinical psychiatry, who created ”Parental Alienation Syndrome” primarily in order to discredit mothers who accused their spouses of abusing their children. The syndrome was used in court to take children from their mothers if they complained of abuse.

Even mainstream press wrote of Gardner’s theory:

”Parental Alienation Syndrome”. The theory – one of the most insidious pieces of junk science to be given credence by US courts in recent years – holds that any mother who accuses her spouse of abusing the children is lying more or less by definition. She tells these lies to ”alienate” the children from their father, a shocking abrogation of parental responsibility for which she deserves to lose all custody rights in favor of the alleged abuser.”

The Independent wrote of one case of abuse where Gardner’s theory had been applied, which resulted in the suicide of the child who had been abused:

”Essentially, the Grieco boys were told they should be respectful and obedient on visits to their father and, if they were not, their mother would go to jail. Shortly afterwards, 16-year-old Nathan Grieco, the eldest of the brothers, hanged himself in his bedroom, leaving behind a diary in which he wrote that life had become an ”endless torment”. Both Gardner and the court were unrepentant even after the suicide, and it was only after an exposé in the local newspaper that custody arrangements for the two surviving boys were changed.”

The Independent continues:

”[Gardner’s theory] has also destroyed the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, of American families over the past 15 years. In state after state, courts deferred to Gardner’s academic credentials and put children in the custody of their alleged abuser, even in cases where police records, medical records and testimony by teachers and social workers supported the mother’s accusations.”

One has to fight the urge to scream when it is stated in a main stream media source that:

”By now, the concept of ”parental alienation” has entered case law and swayed thousands of disputes in which Gardner himself played no part. Yet it has no scientific basis whatsoever. It is not recognised by the American Psychiatric Association or any other professional body. The stream of books that Gardner produced on the subject from the late 1980s were all self-published, without the usual peer review process. ”

The horrific nature of Gardner’s pseudo-science and the real impact it has had on legal cases in the US is included here because Gardner himself compared his ”Parental alienation syndrome” with ”False Memory Syndrome.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 4.55.43 PM.png
According to survivors, Gardner was also a colleague of Underwager (who as we previously mentioned, openly advocated for pedophilia) – Garder is also reported to have made numerous pro-pedophilia statements in his numerous books: this is including but not limited to, the statement: ”There is a little bit of pedophilia in all of us.” and ”there is good reason to believe that most, if not all children have the capacity to reach orgasm at the time they are born.”

One has to fight the instinct to vomit when viewing his repugnant sentiments:

Gardner’s poisonous legacy is too huge to cover in total here.

That the man who made such statements was profoundly able to effect the American judicial system in favor of child abusers is a crime against humanity. This same man wrote:

”Pertinent to my theory here is that pedophilia also serves procreative purposes. Obviously, it does not serve such purposes on the immediate level in that children cannot become pregnant nor can they make others pregnant.
… However, the child who is drawn into sexual encounters at an early age is likely to become highly sexualized and crave sexual experiences during the prepubertal years. Such a ”charged up child” is more likely to become sexually active after puberty and more likely, therefore, to transmit his or her genes to his or her progeny at an early age.”

Suffice to say, it is not a surprise to this author that Gardner ”served a stint as a US army psychiatrist in Germany.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is not only blatantly linked to pedophile advocacy, it is deeply connected to military intelligence programs which were specifically involved in the study of mind control and allegedly committed many of the abuses which the False Memory Syndrome Foundation set out to discredit.

The membership in the FMSF is appalling in and of itself. The many ties of its members to pro pedophilia groups as well as military intelligence and MKULTRA programs means that it is a massively important starting point, not end point, for those who are attempting to bring rampant child abuse issues to light, and may provide evidence for not only government sponsored pedophilia, but also ritual abuse.

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