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Over the past few days I used an account I have had in stasis for about a year to get some critical information out on Facebook regarding the weather wars that have already begun. Some of you saw this and even friended me on Avalon Sanctuaryalliances. That few days is now over.

I posted a number of important details regarding the science about how the Kybal was able to roll out the hellfire tornado that swallowed 57000 homes and innumerable lives in Santa Rosa and area. I included photos of the EMP microwave carpet-bomb that was released above the valley that appeared as a comet, but was actually a device that was set to fracture into multiple drones, each one programmed to travel across the land below following scalar precision to vaporize just the homes and humans while leaving the trees standing, as their plan is to eradicate mankind and all his disgusting, rudimentary structures with as little damage left to Tara as possible. This would be in-the-trenches Tara Cleansing.

I mentioned to cut and paste one of these critical posts under WEATHER AND THE END GAME. I hope you did that, as it was full of critical details regarding the science behind how this apocalypse is being played out using very real, down-to-earth science and energies. It is not magic, but simply advanced knowledge of how to manipulate subatomic and atomic powers in ways modern man has yet to think of.

While posting this flurry of reports, I mentioned how just 2 hours prior to the 66 individual fires surrounding the entire valley of Santa Rosa, that EMP device had been video taped and photographed by locals in the area, then I explained what it really was, and it wasn’t a comet. I linked an article from a scientific journalist who was explaining microwave eletromagnetic pulse waves, and how they draw the moisture out of structures and fill those materials full of standing energy (he worded it differently) that turns everyday things like dry leaves into bombs. This is what happened to these homes that were left incinerated where the roof tiles (terracotta with a melting point of 2600 degrees, 2 1/2 times higher than the temperature of a house fire) were simply gone, along with the washing machines, dryers, stucco concrete and granite countertops (all with 2 to 3 times higher melting points than a house fire could possibly generate).

This triggered a firestorm of responses from the residents of Santa Rosa, and within a few hours the article had gone viral and had been shared about 650 times. That’s when every post, every share, every comment I had made from that facebook profile was vaporized exactly like the 57000 buildings in the northern Bay area.

There obviously is no reason to remove an account for simply sharing theories on how forest fires start, since Weather Wars has well over 10,000 members and talks about airborn weapons used by the government against the public constantly, posing new articles all day everyday as if that’s how he earns his living. No, the difference is, I was explaining the actual science about how it works, giving the actual patent numbers for the devices used, along with photographic evidence of how a single geo location on the map, 100 miles in diameter, could break out into a hellfire tornado out of clear blue sky from 66 individual points spaced out into a 360 degree bullseye targeting one single community, then pushed from 66 different directions, all to the center of the target with 70 mile-per-hour winds that can only be generated by a hurricane. Of course, there was no hurricane, or even a storm, but blue skies without a cloud in the sky. Then vaporize billions of dollars’ worth of buildings within the duration of a few hours that could be counted literally by their minutes.

I also posted a critical warning about the weather you will be facing this winter, and how council is deeply concerned with how much damage this is going to cause. I hope you read, cut and pasted each article, because you won’t find any of them anywhere online anymore.

I am still on-mission at this time, so I have no way of settling down and start publishing dozen of articles on the website. This was a split-second moment I took to pass along critical updates to you and also to raise awareness within the communities being ravaged right now around the world by an enemy they don’t even know exists. I guess you could call this a side-mission to the much bigger journey I am on right now that I am unable to talk about, since council was directly involved with the subject, though the current task is still not yet completed. Which makes me wonder if this is how the entire mission is going to go, where one thing will crop up after another, keeping me from ever putting this project to bed or not. Of course they don’t tell me such things. They just say ”sell all your belongings and go here, now”, then tell me once I get there what I will be doing and where I’ll be going next.

I want to thank Sonjia for sending me some travel money today, as I know I have been AOL somewhat since this project began and I know that out of sight can easily become out of mind. Also I want to thank all those who have been supporting me here and there all along while I was in Cuenca. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to finish the handbook after the sanctuary collapsed. Such difficult times may seem like fond memories soon now that we are actually inside the ”event” predicted since our time began in this current civilization.

Be aware that your attitude, how you compartmentalize and deal with the challenges now upon you will have everything to do with your personal passage. You will not be ”going with” humanity through this, as ”humanity” has already largely lost this fight. You, the few who have heard the call, will be forging ahead into territory that council says has never been mapped before. In all the hundreds of millions of years she has been looking over mankind, there has never been a time when they were unable to move freely both backwards and forwards in time to any point in the evolution of the Angelic Human, until now. She only mentioned it because it is so strange to them, not being able to simply scroll forward to some date in the future to measure how the species progressed. Neither can your captors.

Which means that while they are able to use electromagnetic energies to throw up barriers between man and his destiny such as unfolded in Santa Rosa and now unfolding in Portugal when they were hit by a wall of fire that went from one end of the landscape to the other, and from the ground to the clouds, they are unable to predict that it will be successful or not. They can guess, but they cannot know. This means that your attitude is the wild card that can help you personally make it on every level.

You can keep your vibration singing through all of this just knowing that you are not alone. I am here, and I am with council to bring you the answers that you have proven that you are ready to have. As long as you continue to push forward with us, I will keep pushing forward with you, as I know that council is prepared to do as well. But humanity as a whole, at least from how I gather it, has already chosen not to listen or hear, meaning that their battle has already been lost and you will have to move forward alone without them. Not to say we are ”giving up” on the masses, but merely that we understand that the average person will not be responding to our cries about what is happening and what’s coming next. Some few will still come around I am sure, but for the most part, those who have now responded and come together represent the bulk of who I deduce council imagines will have some chance at moving forward.

And it won’t be easy. There will be no chariots coming down from the skies. There will be no rapture. There will also be no ships docking to pick you up and taxi you to your next destination, so you don’t have to worry about whether to ”get on” or not. If you know anything about what I have shared over the years, only the most foolish of the flock would ever climb aboard some fancy craft and sign up for whatever’s next just because it was advanced technology compared to 2017. I won’t be telling anyone to drink kool aid, follow me to a landing pad or down into a cave. But there may be a time when someone from the team will lead you personally to a stargate, depending on your own individual frequency and genetic status. Otherwise, this is a mission for those of us going forward to make it through this crucible. When I tell you we are being tried in fire, I am not making it up.

Humanity has lost its grip on what’s unconditional love now to such a degree that they wouldn’t even recognize it if they were to see it with their own eyes. The childish games of clinging to another for their own redemption days are over. If you are going to get there from here, it will be because you are able to go there alone. You might have someone around you, you may not. But only those ready to pull their backpack on, tie their shoes and head out into the wilderness alone to cross the land of the unknown will actually make it, because this isn’t about you and him or you and her or you and them. This is about you and you alone. Are you ready to embrace the Law of ONE, or are you still carrying with you the fear the unknown? If you are, then you need to learn more about this dimension before going to a new one, because that’s how it works. Anyone who hasn’t already tired of one classroom is certainly not ready for a brand new one.

This is all to say that I will be going through this journey with or without you. And you must be willing to say the same thing about me. Knowing that who you are inside is ready to make the transition, and your higher self will know that and see to it you get there regardless if avalon is still among you or not. Follow no man from this level to the next, because the next level is inside of you already. People can become corrupt, even if they start out with 100% pure devotion to all things in balance with the aether. I have seen it happen to better people than myself. I don’t say this because I ever plan to leave you alone to fend on your own, I don’t. But if there ever comes a time when the words you hear from the voice suddenly change and I begin to tell you there is someone out there greater than you, then it is your job to leave that voice behind, right there on the battlefield and not look back. You must be wise as serpents while moving through this test as harmless as doves or it won’t work, as this is your personal test. Wife, hubby, kids, mom and dad may or may not be moving on, and factually likely won’t. When you accept this and move forward to lock arms with your spirit family as an impenetrable wall of solidarity rather than merely to ”your blood”, you will find the strength doesn’t come from them, it comes from you. You are the link in our armor that will either stand without bended knee to face down all that comes, or collapse from the ”loss” of someone you thought you received all your strength from.

Look around and count those who you feel are ready to pull on their hiking boots and leave you right there behind in order to reach their own evolution, and you will get a pretty good thumbnail sketch of who you will be able to count on when the rest of the world has resorted to cannibalism to get through what’s coming. Is this a doom and gloom article to you? Then take stock right now, because it shouldn’t be if you are actually ready. Only the strong will survive this, and I am telling you right now that you have officially made it to Armageddon and the test has already begun. Now is not the time to run and hide from the ugly truth, and the truth isn’t going to be getting any prettier anytime soon.

Be strong. You are the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team from time immemorial and this is what you came for; the end game. Shine.


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